A Simple Guide to Create a Vision Board

Okay, so what exactly is a vision board?

“A vision board is a collage of images, pictures, and affirmations of your dreams, goals, and things that make you happy. It can also be called a dream board, treasure map, or vision map. Creating a vision board can be a useful tool to help you conceptualize your goals and can serve as a source of motivation as you work towards achieving your dreams.”

Define what you want in your life:

Chances are you already know what you want; and if you don't, thats okay too. My recommendation would be to write down the things you yearn for. It doesn't have to be intensely long, just spend a few moments thinking, writing, or typing what you'd like your ideal life to be like.

Some questions you may want to ask yourself could be:

Finding your creative spark

When you get the gut feeling and it pulls your heart, that is what i'd like to call your creative spark. It doesn't have to happen immediantly, but it will happen definitely. You may access this when walking, driving, texting, etc. Make a mental note, or write down what drove that spark. That is the feeling you should have when finding the supplies and materials for your vision board. I'll be posting a seperate article on this and will link it once I fixed the rest of my premature blog posts (:

Recommended ideas / materials to gather in the beginning process:

Magazine/computer/drawing importance

I felt the need to make a seperate paragraph for this because I feel it is essential. The items you clip, write, paint, and or print are IMPORTANT which entice your creative spark. Hence, these should be motivational words and or images, depending upon your own goals/dreams.

A few examples that may interest you are words/images procreating your future such as:

The Process

Make sure you're creating the vision board the right way. I accidentally made it upside down, so had to make my own display to hang it up on my wall. (I KNOW, but that happened lmao.) Relax. There's no need to glue anything down just yet, place all your supplies around you and get organized. Nothing needs to be set in stone when creating your vision board, move things around as many times as you need until you feel it's "just right."

I started mine out by cutting out background images I wanted to display. You don't have to do this, just an idea.

As you can see by my arrow, I wasn't so organized and had chaos all around me but I was in the zone... lol


I think the subconscious mind is a powerful tool. All of the images and your enviornment affect you in more ways than you know. Whether it be conscious or unconscious. There's something magical about having all your ideas, dreams and goals put together on a board you can look at everyday. If you can see it in your mind, you can bring it into your life.