Renting An Apartment

Basically, there’s a lot of factors that are involved in renting an apartment that I did NOT know. I am providing a list of questions / information that have helped me figure this out along the way. Hopefully this can help someone else also ^_^

Questions to ask –
  • How much is the application fee?

  • Is there and admin fee?

  • What happens if I lose the house key?

  • Is renters insurance required and if so?
  • Example questions to ask regarding renters insurance:
    - Do you have a company that provides rental insurance?
    - Can my car company also provide rental insurance?

  • What utilities are and are not included in the lease?
  • What is the average cost of utilities a person pays at this location?
  • Examples of what types of utilities to ask about in the lease you will be signing:
    - Electricity
    - Heat
    - HVAC
    - WIFI
    - Internet
    - Cable
    - Gas
    - Water
    - Sewage

  • How much is the security deposit and what form of payment is and isn’t accepted?
  • Examples of what to ask of what is and isn't accepted:
    - Cashier checks
    - Personal checks
    - Money Orders
    - Cash

  • Is there available parking?
  • Example questions to continue to ask associated with parking?:
    - Do I have to pay a parking fee?
    - Are there certain types of vehicle requirements, only compact cars or trucks?
    - How many parking spaces are available?
    - Are there rules/ regulations of having someone stay over for more than # days?

  • Is there a washer / dryer unit on site?
  • Examples questions to ask associated with washing and drying units:
    - Are there washer dryer hookups?
    - Is there a laundry unit attached to the buildings?
    - Is there a laundry center located nearby?

  • Are there costs associated with pets?
  • Examples questions to ask associated with pets:
    - Are aquatic animals allowed such as fish?
    - Is there a pet monthly fee?
    - Is there a pet deposit?
    - Is there only certain types of breeds accepted?
    - Is there a weight limit?
    - Is there a limit on the number of pets allowed?
    - Is a pet interview required?

    OTHER questions with some information I've learned.

  • Can I have indoor/outdoor plants?
  • Are candles allowed?
  • - some places will not allow candles due to soot.
    - soot from a candle is caused when there is incomplete combustion of the fuel. The liquid wax like fuel is drawn up the wick.. to the flame. If the flame is interrupted, the fuel not being delivered consistently and too much is delivered. The extra fuel is expelled as soot and smoke, and as well can damage the area you are renting therefore causing you having to pay for property damage.

    Other Tips and Tricks

    Kitchen Counters
    - to avoid costly damage from nicks and cuts in counter tops, use a cutting board.

    - the best product for removing mildew. Mildew forms around the edge of showers, tubs, tile on the walls, around metal windows and anywhere there is moisture. ( remember to wear rubber gloves and have proper ventiliation prior to removing mildew )