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Happiness is watching my cat fall asleep,
Face first into my blankets.
~ It really is the little things.

I'm sorry sweetheart,
but you didn't need plan B;
~ sorry not sorry.

the feelings I feel,
and visions I see,
are blind to normal eyes,
but colorful to me.

You and I
In a w o r l d full of language,
we are told to put ourselves second.
~Strange isn’t it?


her ventilator turns on
& I hear a loud beep
coughing and choking follow
as the phlegm starts to seep
~I don’t want to lose you

sometimes you gotta just cut people off,
and do what’s best for you

Just like the games of chess we use to play,
I’d always lose,
little did I know,
being in a relationship with you,
I’d still just be a pawn...
~I wanted to be your queen.

The only time you bought me flowers,
Was when I had to ask for them

I know I wasn’t the favorite child,
but I was still your child

I enjoyed taking photos with you
the only photos you took,
were ones you could use against me

the eggs cracked upon my mothers hair,
streaming down her cheeks,
leaving d r i p s of sunshine,
screaming for a better tomorrow

I collected broken cigarettes
and crack pipes from the garden,
not much has grown since