• 12/01/20

Happiness is watching my cat fall asleep,
Face first into my blankets.
~ It really is the little things.

Mom • 11/30/20

I watch her sway,
back and forth,
as she chugs another glass,
displaying no remorse.
~ I wish you'd let me help you.

• 11/23/20

is it that chaotic?
to think a girl who lightens the sky,
demises in her own disdain

Mom • 11/21/20

do you know what it feels like?
to study diseases your mother can’t recover from?
~ I wish I didn't.

• 11/20/20

I'm sorry sweetheart,
but you didn't need plan B;
~ sorry not sorry.

• 11/19/20

the feelings I feel,
and visions I see,
are blind to normal eyes,
but colorful to me.

• 11/17/20

You and I
In a w o r l d full of language,
we are told to put ourselves second.
~Strange isn’t it?

• 11/08/20


• 11/07/20

her ventilator turns on
& I hear a loud beep
coughing and choking follow
as the phlegm starts to seep
~I don’t want to lose you

• 11/06/20

sometimes you gotta just cut people off,
and do what’s best for you

You Inspired This • 11/04/20

Just like the games of chess we use to play,
I’d always lose,
little did I know,
being in a relationship with you,
I’d still just be a pawn...
I wanted to be your queen.

You Inspired This • 11/03/20

The only time you bought me flowers,
Was when I had to ask for them

Mom • 11/02/20

I know I wasn’t the favorite child,
but I was still your child

You inspired this • 10/29/20

I enjoyed taking photos with you
the only photos you took,
were ones you could use against me

• 10/28/20

the eggs cracked upon my mothers hair,
streaming down her cheeks,
leaving d r i p s of sunshine,
screaming for a better tomorrow

• 10/27/20

I collected broken cigarettes
and crack pipes from the garden,
not much has grown since